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Project Euler problem 155

Project euler problem 155 is simply based on recursion and dynamic programming. Using one capacitor you can build only one value circuit [ Say D(1)].Now second unit capacitor can be placed in either series or parallel to D(1) [ Say this configuration D(2)]. Now third unit can be place in same fashion to D(1) and D(2) until we put 18 unit capacitor. Configuration D(k) can be generated by putting D(1) and D(k-1) , D(2) and D(k-2) , D(3) and D(k-3) and so in series and parallel fashion. Try to generate the recursion tree and you can see the solution. Source code

using namespace std;

struct frac
		int num,denum;
		frac(int num,int denum)
		bool operator<(struct frac f) const 
			return ( ( this->num ) * f.denum ) < ( ( this->denum ) * f.num );
		bool operator==(struct frac f) const
                        return ( ( this->num ) * f.denum ) == ( ( this->denum ) * f.num );

set<struct frac> s[20],q;
int main()
		int n;
		s[1].insert((struct frac) {1,1});
		q.insert((struct frac) {1,1});
		for(int i=1;i<n;i++)
			int n_1,d_1;
			for(set<struct frac> :: iterator it_1=s[i].begin();it_1!=s[i].end();it_1++)
				for(int j=1;i+j<=n;j++)
					int n_2,d_2;
					for(set<struct frac> :: iterator it_2=s[j].begin();it_2!=s[j].end();it_2++) 
						s[i+j].insert((struct frac) {n_1*d_2+n_2*d_1,d_1*d_2});
						s[i+j].insert((struct frac) {n_1*n_2,n_1*d_2+n_2*d_1});
						q.insert((struct frac) {n_1*d_2+n_2*d_1,d_1*d_2});
						q.insert((struct frac) {n_1*n_2,n_1*d_2+n_2*d_1});
		//for(set<struct frac> :: iterator it=s[1].begin();it!=s[1].end();it++) cout<<(*it).num<<" "<<(*it).denum<<endl;

April 17, 2011 - Posted by | Programming

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