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Project Euler Problem 94

Project Euler problem 94 is similar to problem 100 but bit tricky in statement “third differs by no more than one unit”. Let if two sides have length a and third has (2b) so according to statement a = 2*b \pm  1 .Doing a bit analysis you will get b = \frac { 2 + \sqrt (1+3{k^2} )} 3 and \frac {(-2)+\sqrt (1+3{k^2})} 3 . The only thing that bugged me for almost hour was difference by 2. The project euler forum states that (1,1,0) and (1,1,2) are not valid.

import Data.List

contiNuedFraction n=
	d=truncate.sqrt.fromIntegral $ n
	lst=iterate helpFun (d,0,1) 
	helpFun (a_0,p_0,q_0)=(a_1,p_1,q_1) where 
		q_1=div (n-p_1^2) q_0
		a_1=div (d+p_1) q_1
    in [a|(a,_,_)<-lst]

pellsolver n=
	d=truncate.sqrt.fromIntegral $ n
	lst=takeWhile (/=2*d) $ contiNuedFraction n
	len=length lst
	r=take (if even len then len else 2*len) $ contiNuedFraction n
        (pfinal,_)=foldl recFun (p_1,p_0) $ drop 2 r
        (qfinal,_)=foldl recFun (q_1,q_0) $ drop 2 r where 
        recFun (p_1,p_0) a=(a*p_1+p_0,p_1)
    in iterate (helpFun (pfinal,qfinal)) $ (pfinal,qfinal) where 
       helpFun (x_1,y_1) (x_k,y_k)=(x_1*x_k+n*y_1*y_k,x_1*y_k+y_1*x_k)	

solve = 
	lst_1=filter  (\(x,_)->mod (2+x) 3 ==0 ) $ pellsolver 3
	lst_2=[(6*p-2)|(x,_)<-lst_1,let p=div (x+2) 3]
	lst_3=filter  (\(x,_)->mod (x-2) 3 ==0 ) $ pellsolver 3
	lst_4=[(6*p+2)|(x,_)<-lst_3,let p=div (x-2) 3]
   in (sum.takeWhile (<=10^9) $ lst_2) + (sum.takeWhile (<=10^9) $ lst_4)-2 

February 11, 2011 - Posted by | Programming

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