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Pinger ???

I watched this movie long time ago. I posted it on blogspot but i am no more active there so i am posting it here since it was my first blog.

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2007
Today i watched Pinjar movie . Its one of the best movie i ever watched. Personally i feel that everyone in this movie had done marvelous job .Dr chandra prakash dwivedi fully justified the story without changing the original theme of Amrita pritam’s novel . We should be thankful to Amrita pritam who wrote such a touching story and draw the pain of girl who is fighting for her identity for whole life whether she is hindu or muslim. In the movie there is scene when manoj vajpayee invite a person to write the name Hamida on the hand of Paro and at that time Paro feels very bad and try to clean her hand but some how she could not succeed and the same name helps her when she was searching for Lajo and ultimately due to that name Hamida on Paro’s hand she succeed. Amazing justification, director had done his job without any partiality .During the whole movie there are lots of questions which float around me . Why a father and mother refused to accept her daughter? Only because they think that she lived with muslim and lots of questions will be posed by society if they accept her. Quite ridiculous. Who was responsible for Indo-Pak division ??? Why both can’t live in same country ?? Its only us who try to identify a person as Hindu or Muslim and give the same sense to our descendant. Why don’t we have some other parameters to identify a person? Is religion necessary for identification ? This movie makes me very sad and some times i was not able to watch some scene like when Urmila requests Manoj vajpayee to let her go home. When Lajo starts crying when she came to know about Paro and requests her to release . This movie always reminds me,you should be first human and then any thing else either Hindu or Muslim.

There may be some grammatical mistake since i wrote it long time ago and posting it as it is.


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