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A Fictional Character From IIITM

This blog is totally fictional and resembles no similarity with anyone. Once upon a time, a prince from jharkhand,yuvraj CP, came to IIITM to pursue engineering by clearing AIEEE. Although Yuvraj had option to study in BIT Mesra but his younger brother who got good rank already joined the MESRA leaving no option for yuvraj. Finally yuvraj decided to join IIITM to complete Btech + MBA in 5 years Integrated Post Graduate Program. It was first few days of collage when we all were afraid of ragging and try to hide ourselves in any means like some one used to sleep in temple outside campus, some guys gathered in single room and slept togather [Don’t take otherwise. Those were first year days when vipin, vineet and kanojia slept togather in underwear innocently].I also chose a room in which me, saanp ji, bapu n rajul stayed for many nights sleeping in peace. I thought the room belongs to saanp ji but one day I saw yuvraj and asked saanp ji ” ye kaun hian ?” n got reply ” the owner of room “. A big surprise to me but anyway we had interaction and i came to know that he is from jharkhand. Time passed and we became good friends like sitting togather in exam and exchanging answer sheets , taking money from him which some times i never returned 😛 or using his Deo in his absence and some time putting a gigolo wall paper on his desktop on behalf of Kanojia.My room was on ground floor and He lived on 3rd floor. It was first year Infotsav-05 , when i had to vacate my room for Infotsav participants coming from outside gwalior. I went upstairs to live with him and we had great fun in Infotsav.First time i came to know that he is too much fashion conscious. After taking bath he used to apply almost 3-4 types of creams on his face , a hair gel and many other things which i never saw before coming to college.

In second semester, he played cards for almost 10 hours in day with saanp , bapu.Even due to momentum of game, some time CP skipped the lunch, dedication like studies.The person introduce cards to CP was Saanp.Saanp was biggest farra king of IPG-04. In first year ,he started coping from farra till caught by Narendra Tomar.In first year CP was also influenced by Saanp ji and started carry farra. In second semester exam , i was forced to sit front row and CP was beside me. After five minutes of exam started , i realised that some thing is happening beside me. When i saw back side , it wad CP who was caught with farra. Anyway he got a new copy and finished the exam and did reasonably well because of studies but kept farra to boost his confidence :). After the exam he got some instructions from Saanp ji ” Yaar pehle hee nikalne ki kya jaroorat thi. Us faare mein 2 question the jo maine kisi tarah se kiya”.

In second year i moved to first floor and he remained of third floor. Our hostel warden Prabhakaran a.k.a. Chotu was his neighbor and one of the worst warden we had seen. He was like you can’t play music on third floor, some times he randomly chose a room and got inside to find out liquor. Yuvraj CP purchased his PC in second year with surround sound speakers but because of warden he was not able to enjoy his brand new speakers. One day i went to 3rd floor to watch the movie.With Me , Amit pandey , Nikhil and 3 -4 more guys went to Yuvraj CP’s room and played movie in full sound and locked the door. After some time Chotu came to CP room and knocked. We asked ” kaun hian ? ” then he replied ” Bahar aa “. The moment he said “Bahar aa” some one from us ” B*C* tu ander aa ” and yuvraj was a bit afraid but happy too[aaj to chotu ko pel diya :)]. The twist came on next day when me and CP was reading news papers after having lunch. Chotu was coming from Academic Block, CP and Chotu had encounter. The moment chotu came inside, CP freezed. Chotu asked him in style ” who were the other persons in the room ? “. “I am sorry sir ” replied CP. ” No you give me the name otherwise i will complain to Director ” Chotu said. Now this was bit frustrating to me because it also includes me . Any how we went to upstairs in bit tension but i think Chotu never complained. After that i often went to see movie on CP pc. On the same year of Diwali [second year Diwali ] we both chose to stay in hostel rather than going to home. On Diwali evening yuvraj CP dressed him self like going to his marriage.We were enjoying the evening suddenly i realised that yuvraj is missing from picture. I went upstairs and what i saw “His hands were completely burnt and was apply some beauty cream”. “kya hua be ? kaise jala ? ” i asked. ” Are yar haath mein hee anar sulag gaya aur fat gaya :)” he replied.Any way it was a minor injury according to CP.

Although yuvraj was good at studies but not confident. In one paper he studied well and in examination hall he sat beside Naveen and Kanojia. Now yuvraj was confused whether he should answers by his own or should copy Naveen or Kanojia and in the process he completely messed with paper :). In some of papers i sat beside him and got straight ‘A’ but in the process of coping , you had to continuously motivate yuvraj ” tu sahi likh raha hian be”. In the paper of mathematics i did not had any idea about paper but i motivated him , copied and got ‘A’.The paper i suppose to get ‘B’ or ‘C’ got ‘A’ only because of yuvraj.CP studied hard with Naveen almost day and night in second year. He did well in almost all the subjects. They were like couples. If some one was looking for Naveen , almost everyone would have replied ” CP se poocho ” and vice versa. They eat togather , but no sleep togater 🙂 , played FIFA togather , went to gola ka mandir togather like they were synonyms to each other.

In third year , we all played basement cricket. We all gathered in basement and broke almost everything from window , lights to chairs. CP was also no exception and in fact he was a good player. One of most irritating person from our batch was CR.Some how he also got a bit cricketing sense because of his biggest friend Kanojia. He almost irritated everyone but the biggest mistake he committed which remained his last was, messing with CP. CP asked something and sumant replied ” Ai na yaar CP …..” and no one heard any thing except these few words.Next moment CR was hanging in the air through his collar.CR’s face started turning yellow due to lack of breathing and only words which were coming outside from his throat “Kho Kho GA GA …”. Every one ran towards CP and requested him to let the CR go. When CR landed on ground, the sign of relieveness was prominent of his face and was thanking to GOD.

In fourth year, i insisted him to come on my floor as many seniors from my corridor left the room. Now we were neighbors. He chose a room just infront of my room and it was again strong bonding to our friendship. He was fond of playing FIFA but lost almost every time to Naveen. I gave him some FIFA lessions and tutorials. He improved his game exponentially and beat almost every one.Every match between Naveen and CP, was like world cup match for us. From my corridor, me and sam supported CP and Sukhi supported Naveenm.CP always played excellent and last laugh were always ours. In our course curriculum, there were two streams after third year. Either you had to chose Mtech or MBA after third year. Also CP was very strong in finance and infact it was his area of interest.Considering his non technical personality like inserting a power chord in harddisk and making non functional to both powerchord and hard disk , went for MBA. Although he never performed well due to lack of confidence and more relying on farra technique. The other people who were 6 pointers in first 3 years of BTech became 9 pointers in MBA but CP had reverse effect and CP was getting 6/7 CGPA. Some time he hardly clear the finance papers because he was depending more and more on farra rather than studying.He invested all his time in preparing farra in a day before exam.

We devised lot of techniques to got rid of physically carrying farra in examination hall. We tried to put those farra in Toilet but sweeper took all the farra when exam started. Then we tried to enter the hall 1 hours before and wrote everything on the Desk and referring those materials as Desktop. Desktop was like hologram to us and to see all the content , we had to try all the possible angles :).This was ruined by putting restriction on time to enter the hall. Then we tried to write on calculator and carry it with out selves.Anyway these were few techniques used by most of people except Saanp Ji and CP. They had only one motto “Invest one day in writing farra and hassle free exam “. At the same time our Institute got a new director and now papers were conducted in more strict environment than earlier. Now you can’t sit according to your choice [the most affected persons were me and vineet], even you can’t carry calculator in Software engineering paper and biggest disaster was Authorities put a bar on time to enter the examination hall. We had to enter 10 mins before so that we can’t write anything on desk and our Desktop was blank like Fedora core 1. The desktop was big booster to us for clearing most of the exam.Clearly Saanp ji and CP were not affected by measures taken by Collage Administration because they kept their farra inside the answer sheet and write everything.

I had one more interesting story to share regarding farra with CP. It was second semester math paper , in which Prof. Kulshreshta was present in the examination hall. Kullu was his pet name given by us and he was in his 80. Considering his age and the only person present the exam , we did almost everything like exchanging answer sheet , copying from farra and all possible means of copy and paste. As exam finished everyone was happy like rainy frog [Barsaati Mendhak] because everyone solved every question. After finishing the exam i was waiting for CP. CP came out and we headed toward hostel. After 3-4 minutes of walk , CP realised that he did some thing wrong in the paper and tension was clearly visible from his face. ” kya hua be ? ” i asked him. ” Are B*C* chutiyaap ho gaya” he replied and headed back to examination hall. I thought he left his notebook in hall.Now we were going back but considering the tension, which was clearly visible on his face, it was not notebook he left in the hall. He ran straight towards hall and talk some thing to Prof. Kullu. I was waiting outside and thinking that he may wrote a answer wrong, trying to convince Kullu to got his answer sheet and correct it. After some time he came outside and the tension got more prominent on his face. ” Abe ek question hee to galat hua hain.Major mein aacha kar lena ” gussing that may be he did one question wrong. “Abe nahi yaar wo baat nahi hian. Maine faara answer sheet ke ander hee chod diya hian aur wo maine Kullu ko submit kar diya” he replied. “B*C* ” mine natural reaction. How could some one do like that leaving farra in answer sheet. But i think Kullu never saw that farra and CP cleard that paper.

Finally Director decided to put his office staff in the exam rather than Profs and Phd guys. This worked like magic and in the paper of software engineering three persons were caught with farra Saanp ji , Hansda and CP by Narendra Tomar. Hansda was cool customer so it did not affect him. Saanp ji already had taken a oath under the pic Katrina , Amrita rao , Hanuman ji and Durga ji ” Jis din pakda jaonga wo mera last faraa hoga”. This was end farra era of saanp but CP was more determined. The next paper i don’t remember but CP was sitting in the row before me. Suddenly there was some thing in the hall near the CP desk. Dubey was asking some thing to CP and CP was repling ” nahi sir maine kuch nahi kiya “. It did not occured to me that CP again caught with farra because who will dare to carry farra in those strict environment after getting caught before. Anyway it took some time to me to understand the situation and sadly Dubey got privilege catch CP with farra again.I was very much disappointed with CP but had sympathy with him because he was my one of the best friend. Any way after finishing the exam i started searching CP. His mobile was switched off , his room was locked and no one seen him from past 3 hours. I was full of fear thinking unconsciously that he may have committed some thing wrong with his life.Finally i found Saanp and asked him about CP and he told me ” wo ande ke room mein hian”. It was a big breathe of relief for me. I went upstairs and looked upon his face. As usually smiling and told me ” Us M*C* Tomar aur B*C* Dubey ko main nahi chodoonga “. “Haan be ” i replied as i could not think of any thing else to reply.In fourth year summers , Saanp ji , CP and Handa wrote their backlogs before leaving for Interns. CP got internship in Cholamandalam Banglore. Cholamandalam is big financial firm in India and CP had finance area of interest so it occurred natural to everyone. I too left the hostel for internship. One day i saw CP online and asked him ” how are your financial work going on ?”. ” Maine internship chod di” he replied.”Why ? ” i asked and told me ” yaar maja nahi aaya”. When i came back to the hostel from internship , CP was out of station. I asked sam ” abe CP ne intership kyon chod di” and sam told me ” saale ko financial product ki marketting karne ko de diya tha “. I completly burst into laugh.Later on this sentence became one of biggest quotes of MBA. Which field in MBA demands most potential graduates and answer was ” Financial product ki marketting “.

Finally we all were in out last years of collage. It seems like all the four years were like matter of one or two day. We started counting our days and looking for job. One or two companies visited the campus and took our all nine pointers except Mohan. CP was still unplaced and recession came hard on us. We all were looking for job ,spending almost all the time bakar , alcohol. Till that time CP also got a bit alcoholic. On our last late night newyear party on 31st dec 08, we all IPG-04 guys drunk till our breathe. Almost everyone was high. Everyone had tension about job. what will we do after the finishing the collage and CP had another tension. When i came outside from my room , what i saw was completely unbelievable to my eyes. CP was too high and shouting ” meri girlfriend US bhag gayi hian meri girlfriend US bhag gayi hian “. I never saw CP talking about girlfriend and shailesh was filming CP with his mobile .Any way i went to him and told him ” saale tujhe pata hian tu kya bol raha hian ” and he keep shouting “bhag gayi bhag gayi :)” as he was too high. I insisted him ” chal khana kha lete hian ” because on that day we cooked matar panner. On the next day when he became normal, he was like superstar for everyone. Everyone was asking him ” kahan gayi teri GF ? “.

In Feb 09 he started sharing his room with one the renowned person of IPG-04 who took my money and never returned me :P.Both watched movies till morning , eat togather , some times renowned person slept on CP bed so technically they slept togather.One day i saw CP and was surprised. ” Abe tu to aaj ghar jaane wala tha. kya hua ? i asked. ” Yaar train choot gayi. Subah utha hee nahi. raat bhar movie dekha” CP answered.Now it was one of the hot news and everyone told to everyone.Any way he took another ticket but some how, some one convinced CP that it was because of renowned person’s presence in your room , you left your train. He finally closed his door for renowned person and never let him in. At that time CP was unplaced and no one tried to mess with him until a day when Peter-the Batman took a chance. CP was cleaning his cloths and peter the batman went to wash his hands. Suddenly peter the batman started teasing CP with “Dhobi Dhobi Dhobi..”. It was his biggest mistake and CP ran towards batman in anger and took him by his collar. “kya bol raha hian be B*C* ” CP shouted in furor.Now the batman never thought of this situation as he was joking and poking with CP.Also batman was not strong enough to handle CP by physical means so he chose another way.” yaar 4 saal ki dosti hian.kya kar raha hian yaar CP” peter the batman murmured in thin voice to CP :). I too said to CP ” chod yaar ,majak kar raha tha”. So finally CP released Peter-the Batman.April 09 ,CP got offer of IT office from a remote bank of bihar, Bihar gramin bank. He is living happily there.

I insist that character CP is totally fictional and if you feel that is resembles to some one then its totally coincidence :).


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  1. Nice Story.

    Comment by jitesh | July 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. yahan post kar diya be ..

    Comment by Rakesh Kumar | July 9, 2010 | Reply

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